Spread the Holiday Cheer(s)

by Jason on November 12, 2010


The impending holiday season not only signals a time for delicious dinners and party planning, but more importantly, it marks the occasion for spending quality time with old friends and family at your favorite local bar. In light of the upcoming festivities, show your loved ones how much you’ve learned this year by teaching them a new toast before you savor your shot!

The special toasting ritual, created exclusively by HARLEM, is called The SlamsterdamTM, after the drink’s native city of Haarlem, a town outside of Amsterdam:

1.      Order a round of HARLEM shots for your friends.

2.      Lift your glasses and shout “Proost!” (“cheers!” in Dutch) together.

3.      Drink and slam your empty glasses on the table.

However, if you try some other HARLEM shot recipes, you may want to switch up your toast, too. If you make the O’HARLEM with Irish cream liqueur or do a HARLEM and Guinness bomb, you could use the Gaelic toast of “Sláinte!” (pronounced like slon-cha) instead.

After you’ve “Proost!”-ed with The Slamsterdam, feel free to make up your own internationally-inspired HARLEM shot recipes and try out toasts in different languages. You could even create your own signature toast, just for your group of friends or your regulars across the bar – make it a holiday tradition that will last for years to come.


Please “Slamsterdam” Responsibly

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